เนื้อเพลง 3rixie – downtown boy


intro… ahh aha haaa.. jdm 3rixie..

looking for uptown girl… cos ama downtown boy,.. tired of wannabe….. faking an uptown life.. for am an high cl-ss freak.. “hoping for another day.. ” waiting for my dreams come true. cos that is all i am living for…

i go to many shows,. i got many dough’s . got many hosts.. where them they before…
they been think say i won’t get to top.. cos they know my hustle,.. and they know the pain.,
now am chilling from my hustle,. and that’s not the end.. more or less a star.. for a willing mind.. repping up my game,. am living up my dream..

hook :-
needing a betterhalf,.. real and drama free., tired of hide’n’seek.. i got to be her boo.. she got to be my bae.. ‘am gonna be her sun’ and sparkling all so bright.. ‘for that is all i am living for…

”3rixie why..? money” women”fame……… i won’t get freaked.. money cannot drive me,… it’s my conductor…. am not a bad boy” have got some loyalty., i don’t need a drama all around my real gee’s.. put your stakes up…. am reppin up for real.. put your stakes down.. am reppin up the gee’s.. downtown boy am repping up the game… am reppin up for real

gimme an uptown wish….. and make my dreams come true.. have been waiting for so long.. ‘don’t wanna wait no more.. planning for uptown life… cos that’s all i am living for..

- เนื้อเพลง 3rixie