เนื้อเพลง 3rei sud est – florence


[yung melon:]
i’m switchin lanes in the foreign
yeah, i had to drop her she boring
i took a flight out to florence
i buy her whatever she wanted

i got the ralph on, no lauren
all in my bag like i’m dora
hop in the coupe we explorin
unlimited taps and we pourin

[yung melon:]
too much of the tabs so i’m snorin
i wake up and hit from the back in the morning
i’m up in the trap where you snorin
catch me the pass so you know that i’m scorin

i’m all in her body endorphins
got a bad b~tch and that b~tch is in portland
(yeah, aye, what, b~tch!)

[yung melon:]
oou, i spin his block with the magic
i shot his homie and that sh~t was so tragic
run up on him when he lackin
pockets old hunnids they saggin

not from green bay, but i’m packin
run up on you in the traffic
f~ckin that b~tch and she lastin
f~ckin that b~tch and i’m lastin (yeah)

[no name:]
puttin her mans in a casket
talk out your beak and i’m blastin (oou)
i’m with the beef i ain’t fastin
nut on her face i ain’t lastin (oou)

[yung melon:]
yeah, and i’m ridin the carpet, aladdin (yeah)
i’m pullin his card ‘cause i heard that he’s cappin (yeah)
hidin the money inside of the mattress
chasin the mills ‘cause we came up from trappin

i stay in the trap
thought he bought dope, but i sold him the sap (oou)
little white boy didn’t know he could rap
reds and the blues like i’m cat in the hat

[no name:]
big ole’ bass drum and it came with the mac
she want the d~ck yeah she want all a dat
she suck the d~ck and she l!ck on the sack (d~mn, b~tch!)
she a lil freak on the gram (oou)

[yung melon:]
b~tch touch the floor with your hands
she just want f~ck with me ‘cause i got bands (oou)
aye, i got racks for the mans
i got these b~tches, they cum on demand (yeah)

racks in the safe
run up to you and n0body is safe
imma catch me a case
imma catch me a case
imma catch me a case
n0body is safe
n0body is safe
n0body is safe (d~mn)
i pull up on you and i’m not even leavin a trace
60 my waist
90 my waist
right you your face (oou)
catch me a case lil b~tch (yeah)

{produced by “yung melon”}

- เนื้อเพลง 3rei sud est