เนื้อเพลง 3rdeye g – serpents


i ain’t surprise that n~gga faked on me / i ain’t surprise that n~gga snakes on me / i ain’t surprise that a n~gga flaked on me / i ain’t surprise /
i ain’t surprise that my b~~~ f~~~ on me i ain’t surprise / i ain’t surprise that these n~gga hateful towards me/ i ain’t surprise cause i seen the sh~t coming i ain’t lying / i ain’t surprise that them plotting heavy / i ain’t surprise cause a n~gga c~cked and ready / i’ll advise not to try n~gga / you won’t survive / i’m all in tha dark n~gga with camo ready / riding thru tha city vibes on makaveli / cause i feel a n~gga tryna get mines /

i gotta chip on my shoulder / i don’t think that i can hold it n~gga / this sh~t feel like a boulder / i might have to throw it and load up tha choppy / dr say sir what is wrong in with you / seeming like you is to stress now / i say look hеre lil b~~~~ don’t you worry bout it / i can gurantee n~ggas gon here about it / i can gurantee i’ma go see it about еm / lil b~tch she thinkin im too physicotic / i say i been to loyal to people been rolling with people that f~ck me like i’m a boddit / now i gotta show people that i’m bout it / like denzel when he told em to pay up 10 percent blew em away and didn’t think about it / head has been swimming tho / gripping on this pistol something bound to be homicidal / it be the principle / sh~t can just k!ll you tho / easy and simple bro think bout it /holes in yo window/ and door / smoking that good indo / letting all of that ammo go / swerving on that antidote / with them beans in throat ain’t no telling what i be on /

try to stay calm and collective / at war with these devils these n~gga be testing g / reading my bible / deceived by disciples / i peep and they snipe you don’t play with me / try to blind side me and show me fake love / yea they wanna do me like i’m eazy e / but a n~gga not stupid not easy b / f~ck around and get hit for a easy c / 3rd eye pick up that fake energy / tryna wanna get rich give my family things / pull up in that black whip with tha over lap rings / pretty thick b~tch on side / with a extended peice / b~tch i gotta go hard cause they hated me / i gave you my grandma heart and you jaded me / had a dream bout them serpents / i knew it was certain / that you was tha n~gga bitten me /

- เนื้อเพลง 3rdeye g