เนื้อเพลง 3rdegree – life at any cost


if all of man’s history is leading to this
as if we could say we have come so far from saturn
who devoured his own son
while we’re staring out to the abyss it appears that we’re lost
for good reason drifting like we’re ghosts until we’re gone
there is nothing to fear
life’s been planned for you~virgins into the volcano
and the line forms right here for some, to rule~for some
to be soldiers~for some, to be slaves

life at what cost? at what price?
and who does the selling to whom?
at whose loss? by whose might
and where’s it all going to?
how much would you give
how much would you take from your very own children for more life
would you spare any cost?

where power and wealth were once handed down
please tell me what happens now with immortals who keep it all
because they can’t let go?
help yourselves to what’s left around
but what can be found in this wasteland
while envy fills the heart of each young soul?

once you’re all used up or you’re all alone
maybe you’ll seek euthanasia
once you’ve had enough or you have no home
go downsize your life for a home in ” the cloud”

life is needing more

the saddest lives
waiting and watching and hoping for a better time to come
it never comes
we ache for that feeling all the time
all the love that we had when we were young
but that time is gone

life is needing more

walk on by~it’s okay~you’ve got time
times will change~you will too~ you’ll do fine
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