เนื้อเพลง 3nsty – dockers


[verse 1]
posted up
skinny b~tch
famous, god d~mn aye
pullin up
on my wrist
stainless, god d~mn aye
pretty shawty, pretty shawty
i jus want some bands aye
candice, she make a n~gga vanish amen
ridin’ fast, drunk as f~ck, dui godd~mn aye
f~ck that b~tch she broke my heart
and i don’t want no friends aye
i’m about the money
i will not be hurt again aye
i been down and dirty
i been going through my ends aye
hunnid for the bottle
and a hunnid for the jacket
claim you sad as f~ck
little boy you cannot match me
now i be deep in her gut
not a doctor
i never cheated
right down to my dockers
i never talk to you
not a big talker
she never lovin me
so i said f~ck her too
i need a cup or two
you’re too inductable
and i say f~ck the rules
i’m gonna be comfortable

[ending verse (x2)]
sp~ce coupe
yah yah
ridin round
ridin round
ridin round
ridin round
ridin round

(oooh, haha)

- เนื้อเพลง 3nsty