เนื้อเพลง 3ko – blind


[eko verse 1]
i need a deal with adidas (what?)
my new b~tch kireina
she want me i cannot blame her
she wanna get choked like i’m vader
her mom gonna see this i know it
but i do not care
i’m gonna grind till i’m loaded
eko he not gonna stop till he goated
and he finna show it
and do it and do it over again
not gonna pretend
lil eko he gonna get revenge
morgan a baddie a ten out of ten
she my lil barbie and i am her ken (woo!)
diamonds and diamonds they freeze
aunties tell me to say cheese
disrespectful as f~ck
but they all love me
and they love me okay

[mina verse 1]
you think that i’m trash you better be blind
all of my people are here through the fights
all of my fam are here through the night
all of the b~tches i’m dissing
it’s f~cking efficient
i never do crack
but i got the energy
that’s gon get you f~cking mad
shoutout to my mom and dad
gave me the life that they never had
every night that i work i think about life and this verse
i’m making a speech
martin and gina should see what i speak
i am the best no debating on beats
waiting to get off the leash
eko hit me with the dm
i’ve been working since the pm (ugh)
finish like a f~cking bm
taking these shots thinking that ion see em
i smash her faster then i fight the pastor
cold alaska
flow is sick to hazmat
i’m abusing the beat like a thirteen~year~old to a pedo
eating the track with a side of doritos
she losing her clothes like a fat boy on keto, yeah
she losing her clothes like a fat boy on keto

[eko verse 2]
nasty ass b~tch she got b.o
fill up the clip and lil eko he reload
measure the money in pounds not the kilos
mina and eko make bangers yeah we know (woo)
don’t talk to me i’m in the booth
first name is ethen yeah call me tom cruise
my mom watched mission impossible 2
uh yeah while i was in the womb

[mina verse 2]
i could just k!ll it and end it but i don’t really f~cking care
i’m not the type to show up to parties and bend to my peers
eko and i finna k!ll it this year
put us in list cause we finna see what they fear
don’t p~ss me off cause i swear i’ll end your career
never really gave a f~ck anymore that i do
you know you love it when you spot me on the news
third~degree robbery with the f~cking booze
k!lling beats loving me and i’m k!lling you
feeling me enemies yeah they do
just wait a minute if i am to k!ll it
i’ll show you my guinness
i never have finished if you tryna come then you gonna get gimmicked
yeah if you tryna come then you gonna get gimmicked

- เนื้อเพลง 3ko