เนื้อเพลง 3fin – who dat?



who dat in that black
still catching stains he ain’t never change a thang
still rob yo -ss for your lil silver chain
still rolling up, tf you say?!
yeah who dat?!
yeah yeah who?!
still in this f-cking thang
still rolling up that propane


still rolling up w the gang
still pull up tf you say?
still put his face on the mf paint
mfs gone learn they gone die today
still pull off in all black range
still got that goo, he be dripping that stain
still got these nemos on the mf blade
oh thats your best friend well she gone ride to today
he ain’t never been friendly
nah, nah, nah, nah
never that so don’t come on by
he be doing good himself, just fine
leave em like nani, got these b-tches crying
laughing to the bank like
get in my bag like
smoke this good, i be, high high, high
don’t give a f-ck about your, lies, lies, lies
he don’t give a f-ck wtf you claiming
pull up better have his mf payment
if you don’t you gone be the one he slaying
he gone after all that’s all im saying
pull up like w-ssup w-ssgood
took a f-ck boy chain
p-ss it around the hood
money man shawty
he be looking like suge
get it by any means get it understood
he be on his sh-t so they hit his line
word around town that yo b-tch be crying
get her off a l!ck with a blunt rolled tight
pull to the city we gone drip a pint
got her like that cause that b-tch ain’t right
got her so high we gone catch a flight
all overseas when i give that pipe
did you so wrong cause she had no rights
he don’t give a f-ck about all that hype
keep it so unda he gone ball like mike
he don’t give a f-ck ima say that twice
he be so cold with a patek full of ice
all this mice wanna take his light
all negativity that’s they vice
he gone keep it tru
he gone stay outta sight
word around town they ain’t seen slime
keep on his roe but he ain’t never been kind
bout the truth but he never drop a dime
never seen evil till you see him at night
come around town he gone leave you at that light
never seem demons till you see his pint
drop a whole 8th
we be sipping, that right
come around town we gone show em whats pull up
still around the valley something like kirk knight

- เนื้อเพลง 3fin