เนื้อเพลง 3face & cee – titan (outro)


(verse 1)

i hit the canvas like shorty i am bananas
the malice so concentrated
drawing life from all my talents
i’m a lannister on top of the trip
something like sympathetic magic come along with the drip
i’m over alice crazy b~tches
i’m reverting to palace
now only stitches come from homies throwing golden dipped chalices
flaccid me still heading out for the stratus
long live blood of my parents
a guide to live life and i fly the way of the heritage
say it’s appealing and i’m a meal
i’m a manikin film in my canister
hit the roll she like my weed it’s from africa
like my d~ck she’s not managing
hit it both she go travelling
ravishing man he levitate
in the need of the cannabis
kg’s in shelves in a cabinet
hannibal eat these p~ssies
they adamant
so it be
we out here k!lling the adequate
no more candidates
else everyone just out here in rap again rapping again
letting losers hold guns and letting the movies make up your brain

you know
too fast
my throne
my gold

(verse 2)

i ain’t got time to pick up broken pieces
y’all in my way that ain’t me tryna be facetious
wide eyed boys cop another gram of golden teachers
i’m the second coming
that ain’t why they call me jesus
unique and prestigious thanks to all my nights spent sleepless
set the bar so high but d~mn
y’all can’t even reach us
i raised the underground with all my creepy crawly creatures
now we moving light speed
everybody begging for them features

headed out the atmosphere and i could never stop no
never touching breaks always going full throttle
might be swerving and i think i might be losing control
always knew that this mission was probably suicidal
i done got xans always been a d~mn hand full
hands down i’ll admit a borderline assh0l~
on his way he got secret dealings with diablo
to infinity beyond we buzzing through the cosmos
i’m the latest to claim the throne and that’s undebated
bit delayed but thank god i made it the motherf~ckin h0m~ deus
top of the a~list on top of your kid’s playlist
next thing make your granny cover ears and scream
(i f~cking hate it)
only way i’m moving is 90 degrees
pushing a couple g’s please
make some sense of the number of g’s
got b~tches backstage removing their panties for me
on their face is where i’m thinking gonna be planting my seed

look at my style boy
you could never imitate
on a different level got my power on the elevate
running for my fame money make that p~ssy salivate
feeling like a god
mind set to obliterate
feeling like a mirror
everything i do i simulate
feeling out of balance
moving on to self~medicate
micro dose narcotics
till i feel my life animate
feeling like a god
mind set to obliterate


you know

- เนื้อเพลง 3face cee