เนื้อเพลง 3face & cee – earth


puny human
i see your ego has taken over once again
you’ve fallen down into a black hole
there’s no hope my friend
down a dark path, don’t take me back
this is the end
this is the end

(verse 1)

melancholy blue
best friends with the moon
don’t judge
i’m addicted to depressive mind states
i just need a new outlook or a clue
give perspective of becoming the collective
reaching final stage real soon
cop another dime from the plug neptune
i’m just tryna escape from the future that i didn’t choose
tricked into not running out of time
pity you and i
we will never ever die
i was born to cry
you were born to fly
funny can you tell me why
tell me who decides
tell me who designs
can you tell me who?
gonna live or die
if it wasn’t you then you’re telling lies
when you meet your maker find no worry in his eyes
blank face with a finger pointing to the sign
this way down come stand and join the line
devil with you soon to come and judge a crime
now until forever
your heart weigh more than a feather

faded to the bone i’m falling
losing track of my addiction
now u see the pain i’m mourning
on my back human condition
feel the cancer slowly crawling
inch by inch with my neglection
repeating the same old steps
and yet again don’t learn your lesson

(verse 2)

tearing up the outer sp~ce
i could never prove you wrong
make up malice due replace
sympathetic magic gone
k!ll my tenants
hide my face
see the sun but won’t be long
you can plead but i won’t chase
this will be your last of dawn

picture all my limits high noon, high noon
i ain’t giving in my living like you, like you
i died, now i’m living in a time lapse loop
i’m specific to the mind it glues
never my mind rules
never treated like a win
lose, lose
digging in a bin
discover the sin too cool
smoking lemon trim
demons in my skin feel blue
let the heavens in
i cannot repent these tools, nah

take my gold today
take my gold you know it’s broken
i won’t be too late for
i won’t be too late for closing
ride my solar wave
climb my rose and get cut open
fly to somewhere major
in the end it’s just like floating

- เนื้อเพลง 3face cee