เนื้อเพลง 3estin’y – oceanside


sometimes make it hard for nothing
but you know that i need you
look i’m in hustle land working
and you know i need money
instead you telling me you hurting
focus more on your studies
i’m not ignoring you trust me
i’m always busy with something
you call too late or too early
i couldn’t talk was grumpy
i don’t wanna die for love
but you make me wanna risk it all
i’m tired of drowning tear drops
i need your umbrella for shelter
let’s make this last for centuries
like ancient pyramids of egypt
when it always comes to you
always want full attention
but you keep me worried
and it builds cold tensions
you take my kindness for granted
cause u know my name means caring
i know loving you is a horror
we can make it through hova
but as long as you love me


you know i’ve been working so hard
but always make me sacrifice my dream
all my friend’s have turned up on me
i’ve always thought will prove them wrong
but it seems like u making them right
i’ve never bothered your girls night out
when you party with fake hoes
every live stream your hoes post
turns me to public hood joke
every morning i see your misscalls
i always have to call uber to my place
and always lie to your parents
that you were at my place
but you still put the blame on me
for all the bridges i’ve burnt for us
for all the sacrifice i’ve made for us
i’m tired of drowning ocean tears
maybe this is karma for my wrongs
i’ve broke a lot of women’s crowns
they say god never forbids
but you’re making me
feel like i’ve fallen from paradise
but as long as you love me
i will always risk it all


- เนื้อเพลง 3estiny