เนื้อเพลง 3eel2ebub – midlife crisis “intro”


(there ain’t no rapper in my city who can spit fire
one day ill hit the f-ckin’ top thats what i admire)

if you think rap ain’t real imma prove that by my verses
one fine day imma autograph those jerseys
boys out here popping percy’s
end up not gettin jerky’s
visiting em nurses going for rehab courses
things never workin feels like they’re forcin’
(feels like they forcin’)

stayin with family they dont know sh-t
n-ggas f-cking around and gettin lit
getting those hit
fam unknown bout it
n-ggas get a slit

(n-ggas get a slit)

(d-mn boi crisis)

rich n-ggas blaming midlife crisis
broke n-ggas busy rising
they hittin top from the bottom
rich n-ggas waitin for autumn
(rich n-ggas waitin for autumn)

(yeah midlife crisis)

(switchin it to personal life no offense b-tch)

my ex busy sippin wine
too busy to ask me if im fine
the day she got wit me
i thought she was mine
but i was wrong coz she was just lyin’
(she was just lyin)

b-tches f-ckin around for sake of their needs all they need is a guy to pay their f-ckin bills

(b-tch take all those racks but be real (real))

when i was feelin low i used to rap savage
he was more den average
flexing em double cup beverage
getting over demurrage
(got over it)

(now im livin)
lavish life and these hoes wanna be my wife
growin up with those bread knife
wishin for change of life
i ain’t dealin wit em givin em crisis of midlife

left my dark with no burn mark
now my life like amus-m-nt park
next day imma show up in denmark
just remember no one f-cks wit a shark
(no one f-cks wit a shark)

it was beelzebub spittin fire
record labels wanna hire
brown guy from the hood
bad and boujee wit the good

- เนื้อเพลง 3eel2ebub