เนื้อเพลง 3d_unleashed – regrets


(yeah)life can be tough
we all do stuff that we come to regret
what do you regret?

[verse 1]
(yeah)ask me again what do i regret
all the bets and stupid stuff i did
i came back to get stabbed in the back
like am i perfect(no i’m not)
you and me will never ever be perfect
so don’t act like you are when we all know your not
talk about walking on water(ha)
when you take one step and sink into the deep blue
scream and shout but your down and out
like whats clout gonna do when your lost without a clue
talk about regrets when all you do is bet
bet on your life and career like its a game
when you lose it all then you know its not
just don’t call me, cause i won’t let no one else pull me down agian
(yeah) i have regrets(how bout you)


[verse 2;xandys]


[verse 3]


- เนื้อเพลง 3d_unleashed