เนื้อเพลง 38 spesh – the showdown


ayo, she like me ’cause i’m a real n~gga, breadwinner
don’t share with her, i ain’t never been a caregiver
i tear leathers with a [?] trigger
the scope? focus on this fame
b~tch, i’m trying to get a clear picture
was there with ya, i [?] with ya
with one hand, put the right to your head
just like a pair of clippers
i walk in the room and hear whispers
car so clean, when i drive this b~tch i like to wear slippers
i gave life to your chubby dog, she bring me quarters
she showed me she loved me by sending money orders
now our relationship, muddy waters
i like this, if i treat her like sh~t, she gon’ love me harder
i’m on a different level than her
that’s probably why i had an incredible run
my ex b~tch call me, said she was done
two years later, she’s pregnant by a regular bum
always knew cheddar would come
like two minus three, b~tch
you was the negative one
not to add to the fact, i went back in the trap
with a mac on my leg, getting [?] in the slums
n~gga, this crack sh~t made us survivors
they gave us projects, that just made us able and wiser
when the work came, man, we ain’t wait for the driver
send a box to your house like a cable provider
made an honour, drove to san diego for dollars
no five~star hotels, we stayed at [?]
you can aim for the top, or wait at the bottom
either way, you’re gotta play it, money for the problems

- เนื้อเพลง 38 spesh