เนื้อเพลง 360 – pez ‘n’ six


[intro: pez]
uh, yo
some people seem to think that we’re arrogant
well, you’re right

[verse 1: pez]
sh-t, i rock ridiculous bling
i made this sh-t at home on my own with some glitter and string
plus i rock cheezels on all my fingers as rings
stole a granny’s wheelchair and got it fitted with rims
then i got a sound system, hooked it to the seat
now my walker has to push me to the beat (do it)
plus we’re so famous i got my own stalker
i hate to speak, i’ve even got my own talker
stunt doubles, i got three on pay
f-ck performing, this isn’t even me on stage (nah)
i don’t record either, shook by the choice
sixty does the vocals and just puts on a voice (what? it’s true)
so who’s heard of that xzibit guy?
i took a trolley to his house and told him, “pimp my ride”
if he didn’t then my fists would fly
mess his face up so bad even his fish would cry
to pick up girls, i just say that we’re rappers
ask ’em out to dinner then i take ’em to maccas (too cheap)
if the b-tch complains then i’ll flip raw dude
but it doesn’t bother me ’cause then i get more food (yes)
and f-ck hip-hop, i only started rhyme
so i can go on oz idol and f-ck marcia hines (that’s it, bend over)
and half my lines, cats question aloud
’cause i choose my worst rhymes and leave the best ones out (that’s how we do)

[interlude: 360 & pez]
ah, pez, man
ah, that-that’s the chorus, dude
are you gonna do a chorus, man? ah, nah, man
f-ck a hook, all right

[verse 2: 360]
uh, it’s sixty cent, the vocal b-st-rd
rockin’ fake bling from your local market
smokin’ gr-ss until we’re chokin’ hard
and i’ll smile with gold t–th in my open casket
always on the list for v.i.p.
and these stupid motherf-ckers wanna see i.d.?
b-tch, everyone in here wants to be like me
plus we don’t pay to travel, ’cause we fly free
i never catch the train, babies reek
if i did i’d have my own allocated seats
in pinstriped suits, we dine in cl-ss
our drinks make my [?] taste like wine from casks
and my butcher’s got the nicest -rs-
i’ve got diamonds in my rings made from fibregl-ss
i need a sh-t, but i got tired arms
so i’ll pay a motherf-cker to wipe my -rs-
yo, i’m tight with money, i may be jewish
i don’t like to talk, so i can save my fluids
f-ck bec cartwright in front of lleyton hewitt
and tell him mark philippoussis made me do it
i don’t watch o.c. on a tuesday night
i got the whole cast at my house to do the play live
send the b-tches to my mattress, hop on
make ’em tell me that i’m rappin’ hot songs
and f-ck the f-ggots from saturn dot com
i only f-ck b-tches with platinum condoms (ha ha)
so f-ck off if i’m not arrogant
i’m so arrogant that i don’t even have to rhyme

- เนื้อเพลง 360