เนื้อเพลง 360 – namedropper


[verse 1]
i’m mentionin’ names, someone will be coppin’ some flak
and, like debris’ -rs-hole, i will be coppin’ some flak (ha ha)
you’re honestly wack, you about to get smacked mate
to top it off, he’s aka, he’s f-ckin’ fat face
and put the mic in the sack
you sound like a fifty-year-old bikie trying to rap (yeah, yeah)
enough of that sh-t, let’s see who’s next
a f-ckin’ r-t-rd who calls himself fubex (f-ggot)
anymore and i’m smackin’ this feather
someone tell this c-nt to go back to eurella
no matter how hard you try, you’re pitiful g
when i say you’re spittin’ to me, i mean it literally
i grab both my hands for this crew 2up
and pick two fingers because your f-ckin’ crew sucks
talkin’ about how you hate corners
when you dress and look like some reject bl–dy skateboarders
and now i’m dissin’ you cats
let me bring out this d-ckhead who’s thinking he’s black
and i’m about to let you know about a thug rapper
i’m talkin’ ’bout this judge fella, he’s a f-ckin’ grudge [?]
you see your face in the news [?]
that’s too bad, white kids ain’t supposed to wear doorags
when you rhyme, you should cover your mouth you slob
you wanna-be-50 cent, jockin’ how to rob

[verse 2]
now i’m dissin’ these dudes, suffa and pressure and sh-t
the hilltop hoods, they can suck and just press on my d-ck
these guys suck c-ck, they named their album the calling
because they’re getting called to f-ck off
and i’ve got the better style
reason loves his job at teaching because he’s a f-ckin’ peadophile
this dude thinks he raps original
i know for a fact he told dudes he was aboriginal
i’m not being racist so listen through
he’s not aboriginal, his f-ckin’ kid’s a jew
you’re dead kid, you better believe it b-tch
i’ll leave you headless just like your p-n-s is
yeah, i diss this maggot, he’s gonna get flopped away
don’t cry p-ssy, go to a f-ckin’ mosque and pray
stop sooking you little b-tch
and maybe you could get little mick to touch your little d-ck
i’m talkin’ about unknown, you little wh0r- kid
you know that f-ggot you get to sing your chorus?
you thought no one would ever rebel
but your music video was just pathetic as h-ll
and you’re a nerd, just listen
i use words of wisdom while you practice the art of circ-mcision
and you’ll forever be sh-t
and maybe quit rapping and stick to sucking pegasus’ d-ck

- เนื้อเพลง 360