เนื้อเพลง 32grip – hercule$ freestyle


flexing like hercules
brodies are quiet
b~tch they want no beef with me
louboutins redder than meat
my homies are praised when they out on the street(x2)

[verse 1:32grip]
yeah out on the street
come in to yo house
leave red on the sheets
your wife call my name
beggin and pleading
told her im leavin at 3
promise that i am not tryin
inhale a bud
then a boys out here flyin’
transcending right out of my body
your mom at my house
you know she givin me toppy

[verse 2:dom]
you thought i was done tho
you dumb hoe
ima hit with that gun hoe
im gung ho
double wielding when i pull up quick
with the glock .44 aiming at your clique
(is that even a real gun?)
i dont that sh~t!
all i know is that i got the draco
and its really bouta spit
like a dragon
thats how i be in the booth
and im not in the booth right now
im on my bed
because i can’t afford the
proper recording equipment
to pursue my dreams as a musician
but thats ok!

2010 underground sh~t

- เนื้อเพลง 32grip