เนื้อเพลง 305 kam – never let up


you know what i hate seeing is a mother all alone
no message from daddy
not even at the tone
on your lonesome
you had to grow some
i understand hopes might be far, but never truly gone
and though the pain in the ass that i might be
despite me
being harder on you than you at me
you’ve never done me wrong
and for years it’s been the two of us
it’s been clear to me that for you i must
keep rhyming
in my notebook there’s a silver lining
things will get better
and please mama, please
never let up
sometimes our sadness can speak the loudest truth
cause the rainy days only make the flowers bloom
you are my flower mama
never had no one but you
thinking about how to repay all the things that you do
life is but a painful place
for a kid with a minor race
thanks to you mama i’ve learned to embrace
i hope you understand me with this letter
mama please
but please
never let up

- เนื้อเพลง 305 kam