เนื้อเพลง 300 r3my – ties


b~tch i been in the stu
trying to cook everyday
it’s stack or it’s starve so i stay out the way
been singing it out so the pain go away

it stay in my chest , where my girl used to lay
tali gone shoot, he don’t stay with a k
he stay with the straps, and they lay where he sleep
ain’t trusting these n~ggas , my clip on repeat

i’m knowing myself , they don’t know me like me
the blunt in my hand but my heart at my feet
i got him on edge at the tip of his seat
toting them pistols like we not no amateurs
eating your body you think they was canabals , 32 bullets more pretty than pamela
working too much i can’t run out of stamina, b~tch i’m too ignorant
f~ck your intelligence
556 make him fly like a pelican
feel like garcia , i get the work like a mexican
hit the block b~tton make sure she don’t text again
i can’t just go stress again , i don’t got time for that b~tch i can’t let her in
new gucci print on my letterman, she say that she love me
unblocking her ex again, hope it was worth it and you learned your lesson then

how this sh~t gone be tied to me
feel like it’s irony, plenty to plea but its constantly
f~ck them if they don’t got time for me
standing by n~ggas who been shot on shot for me, and plot for me they would rob for me

taking a trip in the sky like we been in the stars
f~ck how i’m feeling i been off them bars
dreaming about stars in that new foreign car
and since i was young i had made it this far

- เนื้อเพลง 300 r3my