เนื้อเพลง 30 for 30 curry – the race(remix)


finesse yo -ss now i’m laughin to the bank(2x)

f-ck a beat i was tryna beat a case

and f-ck a plea b-tch i’m goin all the way

i can’t f-ck wit bro no more he went to state

he can’t deny i seen that sh-t the other day

my b-tch left before i made it over the way

she said she love me but i guess she couldn’t wait

my bro drose caught two bodies like tayk

that’s a 40 but it hit like a a-k

nino know i love em sh-t iont gotta explain

if you love me why u keep on actin strange

it got shady when sh-t ain’t go they way

back stabbed me and they smiled in ma face

i’m throwing b’s so u know i’m droppin j’s

just hit a stain me 11 and 1k

if u fu fu then slide off gotta go that way

gotta go that way cus u from over that way

he act tuff smoke his -ss like a ash tray

martin lawrence man n-ggas just be actin

i ain’t cuffed the b-tch she shouldn’t made me wait

b-tch ion play games only 2k

juggins in me got me floating outa sp-ce

no days off cus n-ggas wanna take my place

i’m finessing keep a weapon in ma capression

i ain’t boxin i ain’t tusslin i ain’t wrestling

if we ain’t f-ckin on the first night we ain’t texin

ima call u back rn i ain’t got reception

only thing light bout me is my complexion

n-gga better not call me bout sum pressure

hoe don’t call ma phone if it ain’t s-xual

hey i run that check up like i’m blissel(??)

i’m the type n-gga first one get the clappin

u the type n-gga we slide u missing the action

boy you a lame i’m on the black sellin cain (2x)

stizzy ma brother forever he 150 just like the cane

i f-cked the lil b-tch and swear to god ion even remember her name

and ion even want the p-ssy if sh-t don’t come wit the brain

waka flaka flame b-tch i go hard in the paint

smokin dope i’m so high i can’t even think

don’t even have me round these n-ggas if they ain’t gang

- เนื้อเพลง 30 for 30 curry