เนื้อเพลง 3 ninjas – f**k the club up


shake some ass
throw some cash
f~ck the club up
see some static
get it cracking
f~ck the club up
get it hype
start a fight
f~ck the club up
f~ck the club up x2
but some liquor
take some pictures
f~ck the club up
get the tweaking
push a n~gga
f~ck the club up
tell that bouncer n~gga f~ck em
f~ck the club up
f~ck the club up x2

deelyrik verse

step up in the club
in i’m on liquor
bad thick
i’m finna tip her

in dis b~tch so deep
n we dem n~ggas

rolling on sum jiggas
can’t cuff
yo b~tch
i get her

don’t get me irritate
wit all dat hype fool

inebriated drunk
knock u out
my mood

dancing maybe
dats my alibi

we stomp yo ass
out like a roach
30 shoes

kieth verse

let me talk my sh~t i been getting money for min/ all this water on a n~gga got me feeling replenished

i ain’t throwing warning shots man you know that sh~t attended/take a n~gga head off decapitated figure

you know i got sauce thow the peppers in the blender/i say what’s on my mind dont give a f~ck if i offend ya

walk up in the club & beat his ass up in a center /yea we f~ck the club up this mosh pit do not enter

all this juice on us n~gga got us drip drip wet/we gone run us a bag always check us a check

yea apply that pressure watch me step on they neck/yea we bounce around the club throw the v that’s what we rep

- เนื้อเพลง 3 ninjas