เนื้อเพลง 3 cards marley – jealousy


verse one
jealousy jealousy why some people live in envy?
you ain’t got enough but your brother pocket empty
cannot help him out yet you to drag him through the mud
spreading evil stories lies bigger than a flood
big brother’s watching n0body showing mercy
its why i put on a jersey to tackle all the heresy
murcielago or when the rent’s due
little kids swimming through floods to get to school
yes, its beef season am watching what i eat
my doctor prescribed me a diet, abstaining from bullsh-t
am struggling with my health, too busy stacking the wealth
friends telling me i got to take better care of myself
so i treat the beat like a gentleman
mama told me about “consent”
mama said not every lady should be your “conquest”
be yourself, rule your mind never forget to show respect

- เนื้อเพลง 3 cards marley