เนื้อเพลง 3 baby – – shorts talk


sh~t all my shottas play with glockas
we ain’t f~ckin wit the stocks
we ont want the stock clips it’s honey bun under the glock
bounce out and let it sing like mike jack when it pop
i park sh~t and switch whips i like the feeling when he drop

i’m off the cookie i be wylin i do perky and the sprite
drop skeezie do my dougie ima theefie in the night
cram bucket it got apple hit my migos cause we tight
sucka n~ggas dissn me i caught his potna at the light
did em weird shh don’t tell him how we did em but it’s right
it was wrong he was dissin the wrong n~gga so we right
man osama 2020 we clap hammers we don’t fight
i told the broke b~tch to pay me ain’t no laying no free pipe

hit quez i gotta cram hit the ch~nky for the price
slash tints 5 seconds we was runnin the red light (2x)

sh~t i’m back again
baby spazzin told her bring that baggage in
hustler ion even like doing this rappin sh~t
ima let it sing i press play we got them clappas in
we trynna slide and drop a hunnit sh~lls i’m like the package man
free all of them n~ggas who went down for human trafficking
fall off wit this rap sh~t then i’m back up in the trap again
daddy showed me seal up all them packs and send the pack again
and b~tch gon come and go so send her off and call it packaging
ion fw n~ggas i send shots and they was duckin tips
bouncin out this load had n~ggas sprintin from the hallow tip
i’m h~lla f~ck a sucka i drop 20 out the stocka clip
quick to free a hoe cuz ima p i’m fast to drop a b~tch

- เนื้อเพลง 3 baby