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เนื้อเพลง 28n – you didn’t mind


i found a little baby by the telephone, said it’s never to early to learn,
the lesson of life that waits for you and me…..
if it were true then would it be so bad?
or would it cause all my bridges to burn?
then i could be with me, all that i have is me…..

you didn’t mind,
you didn’t mind, wasting this heart i surrendered.
you didn’t mind, you didn’t mind………
you didn’t mind,
you didn’t mind, pouring the salt in this tender wound in me,
this tender wound in me…..

it doesn’t concern me….it doesn’t make me mad,
i missing on the rock that i thought i did, but never really had.
don’t seduce me, cheap wine that’s flowing in our veins,
is not enough to make me feel,
that this could be any other way.

and it’s me, all i have is me…..

this pain is thrown to my rear, this logic numbing my fear,
these walls stand guard on both sides, i see it all to clear…
no time to be insecure, my faith is totally pure, in the one………..
and there’s no place, there’s no room, for this gloom, or this wounded me…….

- เนื้อเพลง 28n