เนื้อเพลง 0ver – gamer anthem


i hate bragging

mad doctor, no patience
mad corny, ‘gratulations
pimp, send y’all all my thots and prayers
rap game full of insects
you more roach, me? more beatle
building this sh-t like an architect
mess with me, this sh-t lethal
off the wall like michael
i’m bad in spite, though
d smoke with my bilingual flow (yeah)
desses rappers falsos, já tô cansado
me chama de jack, porque tô iluminado
mc kauan com o rap fugitivo
mc chavão, com os risquinho
toma cuidado, pois o terror tem nome
impressionado? porque tô com fome
devoro mcs lixo
vocês são tudo bicho
isso não é um teste, sou o mestre
e esse flow louco continuo a manter
meu rap é fogo, chama de charmander
melhor que os outros
competição não é nada
0ver na área
reta parelela como fico longe
dos mcs falsos, um monte
um monge
sempre penso no que rimo, antes
sempre surpreendo e animo (ay)
crazy with the rhyme schemes
lazy, ride skis
baby, feel the breeze
i produce everything, so you can call me master beats
but it’s november, so forget all that sh-t
i run on the beats, devil may cry
rhyme’s a treat, with yours i just sigh
y’all know i’m a king, so b-tch, take me to your leader
ball, on beijing, you snitch, a mouth breatha’
reader, go feed her, body on the freezer
squeaker on the speaker, little creature sayin’ ninja
i eat those rappers for breakfast, the fresher
embarr-ssed when the careless almost perish
spread awareness, dread jealous, shred fairness (uh)
rap game wanting me, dead, not alive
everybody strives, but, man, i only thrive
girls love me
but they look like zombies
gotta move, man, homie
all y’all must be joking
look at how my raps are flowing
came up from nothing like toby
layin’ the smackdown on fox
you ain’t my homie, so
you do not know me, well

i’ma get the bag by any means
bloodmoney, i’m back on my pop-y sh-t
put me in the naughty list
y’all can try, but you’ll never be as hard as this

- เนื้อเพลง 0ver