เนื้อเพลง 0ver – dream


[chorus – 0ver]
wanna be cruisin’ down sp in a bentley
she’s on the shotgun, i’m on the sun roof
screamin’ r.i.p. juice

[verse 1 – 0ver]
i just want a chain to my name
a babe cause of fame
hope i live up to the greats
r.i.p. b.i.g
far away, i think
“what if someday i get famous?
get with a bunch of girls that’s basic?
get back home without even remembering they faces”
hope these flashing lights don’t k!ll me
if i leave my label
hope the other executives let me be me
flipping the table, thinking i’m not able
emotionally unstable, socially fatal
eyes of hazel, cries of betrayal
turning my december to april
sixteen with two mill’
seventeen with four mill’
eighteen with no mills
mountain out of a mole hill?
hope i can just stay still

[chorus – 0ver]
wanna be cruisin’ down sp in a bentley
she’s on the shotgun, i’m on the sun roof
screamin’ r.i.p. juice

[verse 2 – 0ver]
hope i make it out of brazil
hope i just don’t go downhill
wait, can i please get a refill?
all eyes on me
no lies, nah, please
my prize, my rise, with ease
to the skies, with breeze, no sleep (uh)
hope my neck freeze
hope i can go chill in belize
all of my dreams, all so impossible
at least, that’s how it seems, implausible
but, h-ll, might be possible
isn’t this horrible?
isn’t this that sh-t you play when you just going for jokes?
folks, this ain’t a hoax
stuck in the ropes
waiting for a chance to be just like those

[verse 3 – 0ver]
used to think my life was horrible
every day was trash, i felt like a crash
never wanted cash, just wanted happiness
comical, dashed to the road for manliness
don’t cry, dad said don’t lie
cavernous, adorable
i try to tell you my chronicle
money can’t buy happiness, but i ain’t rappin’ for it
homie, we all champions, appreciate your own story
no such thing as a life that’s better than yours
feeling like i deserved coal, then i listened to cole
he saved me, well, kinda, tell your highness
i need guidance in this crisis

- เนื้อเพลง 0ver