เนื้อเพลง 0ceanicwaves – the writer(remix)


[verse 1]
don’t ask me if i’m okay
cos you clearly know the answer
i’m talking to myself
which is why i never answer
i’m drowning out the sounds
of the people i’m around
cos these voices in my head
are driving me insane
so i’m driving to the lake
just to find some peace and mind
but when you’re far inside your thoughts
all you do is find the time
now i’m switching up the truth
just to tell these awful lies
i was never really okay
i was never really fine
combating with myself
it’s a never ending cycle
always scared of what i might say
always scared of what i might do
pr-ne the shameful habits
writing all these sad songs.
that’s a shameful habit
i gotta let it go
but these thoughts they got a grip on me
they fueling negativity
inside of me
won’t you set me free?
won’t you set me free?

fear that you can see in my sad eyes
it always feels like i’m just walking inside a straight line
trouble but i know it’s nothing big from my sad mind
nothings really ever adding up when the maths fine
and everything i think is true is just a big fat lie
we all die to live but in the end we all live to die

[verse 2)
my girl doesn’t like me like she used to
my parents don’t love me like they used to
but this type of sh-tty life is what i’m used to
cos nowadays it just seems
like nothing is the same
but we’re older now so we know
that nothing is the same
the only friends i have
are misery & pain
i promised them i’d change
but i still don’t see a change
i guess i’m just lost
forever in translation
i guess i’ll make it out one day
i just have to be patient
and hopefully one day
i’ll look back and start to laugh at this
i’m just a troubled boy
trynna find the path of happiness
(trynna find the path of happiness)

- เนื้อเพลง 0ceanicwaves