เนื้อเพลง 0bsidian – first aid for a stoner


[verse 1: 0bsidian]
b-tches like the cable in my crib
yo what’s that you rockin?
but here’s the thing
face it
you got no hoe, no mo’
shit, you just a homo
but i been real
so here’s the deal
if you squeal
you gon’ end up like a banana
you gon’ get slipped on and then cripped on
superman like krypton
bring the apocalypse like darkseid
dark side of the moon
pink floyd
yo girl say your d-ck look like a altoid
took too much steroid
he gettin paranoid
talkin’ shit
but that’ll just get me annoyed
leave you destroyed and devoid
give your -ss a hemorrhoid
that’s some shit to avoid
better meet my demands
else you’ll catch these hands
put the metal to your mouth and call your -ss brace face
that’s a g-y face
but it’s ok
you can go at your own pace
trip your shit like a weed lace
a space race
russian on the percussion
drinking robitussin
there’s gonna be some dire repercussions
allow me to give a little introduction
this is a prime time production
a deconstruction of a misconstruction
just call it the destruction of a reproduction
one shot like chef curry with the sauce reduction
under armour
hope you got some wonder armour
cause when i bring the thunder
it’s gonna turn into a plunder
but that’s on some pirate shit
i got this on autopilot, shit
better bring me the booty
that’s your duty
if you don’t i’m gettin moody
your shit is whack like dexter and jack
but that’s the beauty
i’m the king of rap
so f-ck a full fledged attack
you’re already in my trap
and it’s already closed

- เนื้อเพลง 0bsidian