เนื้อเพลง 0ak c1ty – 1st quarter


[verse 1: raiden mason]
first quarter rap, we making new music
all these other rappers, man, they ain’t even do this
king of the late night just like i’m jon stewart
but i’m not new york like i came outta newark
we just swishin’ threes, yall out here just shooting bricks
game royals on my feet so you know i’m here for kicks
maybe one day i’ll be at the top of the game
but now, my goal’s to be a household name
maybe fame isn’t quite where we’re at
but you know we’re on the grind, and you know we’re coming fast
scr-pping to begin, this is rap’s coliseum
got the squad with us, man, but we don’t really need ’em
yeah, we’re from the 9, out here pushing limits
now ya’ll all watchin’ like we live in an exhibit
life from the top has a different point of view
roll with us now, 0ak c1ty’s the crew

[verse 2: cole henry]
alright i told you i’d be back so here i am, no i’m not quittin’
those the type of thoughts come from somebody on a mission
i’m trying to represent for both my city and my fam
but i mostly want the people saying, “that man cole oh he’s my jam,”
yeah, i mean wouldn’t it be great
bright lights, fans screaming and performing in la
but i think it’s clear to see…i’ve got a long way to go
that’s why i write rhymes everyday to try and improve my flow
i got people talking bad, they’re all tryna degrade me
but i know i’ll be the one laughing when the radio plays me
they’ll call me the greatest or the greatest, somewhere in between
if i’m not the sickest i guess im the new vaccine
i am the only one thats the truth most definite–ly
everybody on the streets man theyll be talkin bout me
sorry momma this the only life i wanna lead
no reason tryna change it, promise i will succeed
and you can believe all that
as soon i make it out the 9 i swear im coming right back
to you
i’m talking zone 9 views
cooking beats and writing rhymes while wearin big ol jewels
talking expensive stuff like some big ol chains
and riding round town in a big ol range
why i’mm tryna do this man i don’t know
hoping somebody b-mps me in the aux cord
so the only thing that i can do is keep on grinding
’til i learn and keep on learning ’til i end up finding
that happiness is what we need and all that we should strive for
hollywood and fame is really not something to die for

[verse 3: raiden mason and cole henry]
breezy and cole, this one’s for vishy
no time for personal man we just been too busy
counting down the days way up until the release
we the oak city and this a mixtape masterpiece
we been working hard, we know it’s a struggle
mama i promise i’m gonna stay out of trouble
homie this a new style and we ten toes to the ground
you can try to cut us out, but we’ll just come right back around score of the game, 0ak c1ty’s up one
end of the first quarter, but its only just begun

- เนื้อเพลง 0ak c1ty