เนื้อเพลง 099til – dimensionbrotherz



bullets fly let it fly i’m gone hit you
n-ggas die from all that talking what’s the issue
she say suicide if i let that p-ssy come get you x2

[099til & skrtmcgurt]

[verse 1]
whip like jitsu uh
pull up like a igloo uh
frozen b-tch i’m golden and you can’t ride wit no token
i’m gone stroke her in slow motion
smoking cookies got me floating
spend my bread wheat all that toastin
all on yo b-tch like some lotion

she just wanna dab on a molly
i might just cut everybody
and slit my f-cking wrist drag my blood all through all the party
i gotta asian on my d-ck like a game of atari
konichiwa me so honeeeey
i hear vultures screaming kicking im zoning
headed to sea that i’m touring
fed right to the beast now yo head will be torn
can n0body get ahead feeling like i’m reborn

go through the wall she was sucking on my b-lls i might f-ck on that b-tch go against wall
f-ck on that go against the wall
go against the wall

- เนื้อเพลง 099til