เนื้อเพลง 073sincity – op shopping


(hook) b-tch we op shoppin (8x)

verse1:073sincity) b-tch we op shopping run up then
a n-gg- getting clapped its a tragic when he got whacked
up bullets fly when my n-gg-s catch him catch a op with him with the semi all my n-gg-s we be sippin jenny catch a op b-tch hit her with the fifty n-gg-s know i got them hittas wit me extended clip b-tch its on my lap adablock b-tch we on da map
spread a b-tch n-gg- i ain’t talking gap finessing clucks we be in the trap adablock b-tch days ada n-gg-s know i’m posted on the trey juggin b-tches i’m finessin weight run up on a shorty its red tape i’m smoking on dope we higher than chimneys pull on your block and we hit you wit the fifty diddy boppin hit his -ss wit the semi pippin shit you know that i’m off the remy f-ck dat b-tch i’m off da jenny geno juice you know days what i’m drinking pull up on his b-tch shoot you wat you thinkink

- เนื้อเพลง 073sincity