เนื้อเพลง 070 phi – love is love


yeah, yeah

every year new problem, story’s never-endin’
most my game come from pain long as i could remember
just keep this sh-t in motion and don’t let nothin’ offend ya
and we’ll be touchin’ new heights when we step in december
why we always uneasy? b-tches call when they need me
n-ggas beef over p-ssy, that was never the meaning
for my n-ggas, we meetin’ like congregations in speakin’
different morals and ethics, say it’s love and it’s greedy
like this woman i play with outside, touchin’ the pavement
little to no attention, always missin’ her payment
had to cancel the account and put it in collections
now i’m here to write about this sh-t with new perspective
then ralphy told me heartbreak’s unintentional
but what conditions make your love unconditional?
i just asked for you to keep it honest for the principle
invincible, never cross your name when they mention you
my mama raised me well, but prolly be raisin’ h-ll
if she knew i weigh the scale just for the paper trail
even if i made a mill’, but she’ll come pay the bail
that’s unconditional love, darlin’, it never fail
but all we dream about is life on the hills
full of money and thrills, but ain’t none of it real
find peace in the present moment and give me the chills
like fentanyl in a pill, ain’t no cure for the ill
but we poppin’ medication and hoppin’ into relations
it’s all abomination, now we bleedin’, lord
i done seen it all, but i ain’t seen enough
i looked the man in the mirror like, “all we need is us”
he told me, “somebody told you wrong if they told you life was easy
but it’s the thrill of workin’ hard that keep a n-gga breathin’
somebody told you i ain’t sh-t, you prolly could believe ’em
it all depend on how you thinkin’ and how you perceive it”
i took some n-ggas’ b-tches, i’m just chillin’, i ain’t mean it
but if she choosin’, then that ain’t the woman that they needed
love is love, new beginnin’ to another season
you know them birds fly back in the summer
they be lookin’ for the pipe when they lackin’ a plumber
i’m just keepin’ it a stack and i’m stackin’ another
come around and take advantage of a natural lover
if she ever try to play me, she get p-ssed to my brother, know that

- เนื้อเพลง 070 phi