เนื้อเพลง 07 rob – la luna


(been through the worst still be pushin’ through the hurt)

(trynna reach the moon i been puttin’ in that work)

been through the worst still be pushin’ through the hurt
trynna reach the moon i been puttin’ in that work
pushin’ never foldin’ i’ma make it out the dirt
that’s my number one concern i think it’s time that i emerge
gotta get this chedda gotta make the numbers increase
pushin’ never foldin’ till they bump my tracks on repeat
gotta be above it gotta make the minus decrease
pushin’ never foldin’ ’til i go hard than some concrete
see myself on stage it’s a vision not a pipe dream
been thinkin’ of those days ever since i was a lil jit
i’m a well known misfit gon’ sign my name on girls t-ts
finna be a rockstar jumpin in the moshpits
loud b-ss… head bangin’ on some punk sh-t
aimin’ for the top and i’ma bring the whole clique

- เนื้อเพลง 07 rob