เนื้อเพลง 07 rob – feral


f-ck do you mean?
f-ckin’ with me i might put you to sleep
say i ain’ bout it b-tch i disagree
i’ll put your face right into the concrete
i will not bark if you want war you’ll have it
i am a savage
addicted to havoc
destruction fanatic
deal critical damage
throw hands h-lla rapid
drop bodies like acid
four seven the clique and we all with the static
blood on my knuckles cause i have a habit
of throwin my hands and not stoppin’
i often find myself poppin’
jaws and droppin’ bodies
knockin’ em’ down like its my hobby
f-ck do you mean?
blade down your throat if you pull one on me
my demons asleep
wake all em’ up i get vicious ya see
say i ain’ bout it b-tch i disagree
i’ll spill your blood all on the concrete

- เนื้อเพลง 07 rob