เนื้อเพลง 04sam – hot doggie


chicken and macaroni
chilling with my homies
chicken wing chicken wings
chicken and macaroni

drippin in velveeta yeah my pockets mac and cheese (cheese)
yeah these b~tches like my twins yeah these b~tches siamese
me and noodle h~lla close, i just gave his d~ck a squeeze (pasta)
and u haters act like babies u dont know ur abc’s

and u haters act like toto cuz u are a lil b~tch
imma chop his p~n~s off imma throw it in a ditch
and my closet feeling angry cuz it always throwin fits
and ur mom is h~lla cute, but tell her to shave her pits

and im sh~tting on these haters u could call me kodak black
shout out all the lil bros, shoutout elliot, shoutout jack
ask the bros, ask lil fin, yeah i got a nice asscrack
and im l!cking on yo taint and that sh~t be tasting wack (yum)

choppa got a d~ck, and a taint and a sack
this sh~t so hot might give ur dad a heart attack
and ur mom she won’t stop queefing and it smelling like lilac
and no i ain’t no square, im like a culdesac
im farting wit yo b~tch and she say its smelling good
run up on me or lil fin, holy cr~p i wish u would

(verse 2 from lil finley)

keeping up with my grades, u could call me a good student
and my friends say im wet, dwight howard when im shooting (swish)
see ur sister on the street, and i think she prostituting
so attracted to the dough, keep my mind on the gluten

now im thinking bout ethan how he is kinda short (fat)
got yo mom, and she queefing underneath dem nike shorts
now im thinking bout pip, how he got that excess weight
30 d~cks in a clip and a placenta on my plate

charlie brown blanket, covered in some bodily fluids
rippin ass in class d~mn that smell like some sewage
fell in love with blaise so i gotta thank cupid
blaise curved me for some sports now im feelin kinda stupid

(verse 3 from noodle wax)

my homies yeah they love me yeah i got them all damp (love)
ain’t no way u gonna catch me out the concentration camp
in the studio all day yeah u could call me a vamp
up in the club, got “hot doggie” all up on the amp
call me the mad noodler all up in these dms
yeah u already kno me yeah my last name is flem
you know we cr~p all state always causing some mayhem
at my~
at my opps yeah i shoot them yeah i put them in rem

- เนื้อเพลง 04sam