เนื้อเพลง 04sam – gary come home



alright put the money in the bag… put it in!

spritevevo! [former name]
spongebob is so good!
laben is better….
ya ya! skra skra skra!


gary come home u kno that i miss u (he does)
i would do anything i could to kiss u (okay)
you know that i want to hug you (ooh)
gary, gary, gary, gary

gary come home u kno that i miss u (skrt skrt)
i would do anything i could to kiss u (he would)
you know that i want to hug you (ooh, ooh)
gary, gary, gary, gary

pull up wit my nerf gun shoot u like bow
if u got gary ill shoot u in the mouth
if u come at me i will say “ciao”
if u wanna go at me come down south

boy u think ur cool what till u see sprite [former name]
u prolly think its hard for me to write
boy i be dropping songs every night
u would come at me with all ur might

im writing this song in social studies
if i see u ill make u all bl~~dy
boy u so said id call u buddy
fall in the dirt call u lil muddy

hunter just kidding boy call him blake
ur rhymes always give me an ache
if u saw me you would brake
its every day bro like im jake

dab on the haters just like im team 10
got about 15 hunnid supreme pens
if u dont like me ill put u in my den

only use u for my soundcloud gain
xxx [rip] more like an alien
changing flows like a chameleon
eyob sitting next to me writing this in english
she l!cking my toes, like a ditch
make girls flock so i tie em wit a lace
they look fat and ill tell em to their face (they do)


is~is that laben i hear?
bout to hop on the beat?
no way, laben?!?

(verse 2 from laben)

laben is cool
he goes to the pool
he doesnt go to school
because he is cool

dont say anything
imma hit u because ur a ding

got this flow rap
all i do is rap
and ill take a nap
ill just run a lap
cuz this rap is cr~p
look at me fly
look at me die
look at the sky
look at the
hmmm, pie

i can’t rap thats something you should know
i go to the city, with my bro
if i dont, then i better watch out
if u dont, then ur about to pout (pout, pout)

i made a disstrack
you kno that tracks wack
you know that i use a mac

ooh, ay
im so sad about gary
he has no friend or me

ooh, ay
im so sad
garys bad
and hes mad
i wish he was my lad
he be looking like a crab

ooh, ay
im done with this
after this imma go to the bathroom and p~ss


im sorry
i just got
something ok
this was pretty good

- เนื้อเพลง 04sam