เนื้อเพลง 044 tenji – murder


you talk a some sh-t about me
i would not advise you to do it

welcome to my subconscious

take out my gun and shoot in your face
run b-tch you know where your place
rest in peace if you defile my sp-ce
you will not survive in this f-cking race

what you know about me?
b-tch you wanna play with me?
you decided to trick me?
you tried to catch me?

my blood toxic
my mind poisoned (x4)

hey, hey…

maybe i don’t need a gun to finish you

it’s second round
i bury you in the ground
i burn you alive
poke your eye’s out
i’ll knock you out with a blow to the head
you dread to be dead?
you dread to be dead?

you nothing know about me
b-tch please don’t play with me
you never gonna trick me
you never gonna catch me

my blood toxic
my mind poisoned (x4)

- เนื้อเพลง 044 tenji