เนื้อเพลง 044 rose – i don’t care


lil rose be flexing on your b-tch x2
i dont care what people are saying
i dont care bout the bills that im paying
i dont care which hoes im laying
i dont care bout the people im betraying
my shoes rare and the people be hatin
lambo door open these b-tches be stayin
bullet from a glock and my swag top rating
cooled with my dog and my crack is baking
louis vuitton all over my belting
swag so high and i see that b-tch melting
rockstar eating pie and my album be sellin’
40k a show while these muf-ckn b-tches be yellin’
my bae a snow white piece o’ duckin b-tch in my house dwellin

with my goyard boots trough the snow
iced out t–th i let it glow
in the yard got a b-tch twerking lets go
pint a card not a snitch working on a new hoe
workin on a mil while some n-ggas still playing with a yoyo
had a n-gga drinking lean alot like bro
in my lambo and a golddigger is a no go
when girls wear designer they are in my flow
when people drinking lean they can join my zone
nowadays got alot of money and im wearing v-lone
im a designer from skin to my bone
so many girls they be dripping off my phone
people say im gon be nothing..
wait 2 years and you see me sitting on my throne
b-tch, stop asking, you can better go home
i be on myself and, leave me alone
pop 3 tags and im in gods dome

- เนื้อเพลง 044 rose