เนื้อเพลง 0171 – 1000 words


[verse 1]
i’m sorry i didn’t reply i was doing things
i didn’t think to reply, i’m sorry
it was nice, i was lying on gr-ss with others
lying, squinting
i could barely read my phone with the sunlight
but yes, i read it
everyone squinting together
close warm on the gr-ss
there was hummus and a frisbee gliding back and forwards over my head
one eye closed, winking
sunlight dappling over their dresses
messes of spread and crumbs
i didn’t think to reply ’till now
i’m just sitting now
don’t know what to say
how are you so far away?
is it sunny?
the sun just went down
i thought about you
days drag slowly when it’s warm
softly running ice creams onto the soil
we kicked a ball about
seems like all one moment, motionless
i think about you walking through the door
quickly smiling and your hand on the handle
fingers curled and closing
other hand to my hair
i have to go
so much time dragging slowly
nights asleep i’ll try to dream of you
nights asleep i’ll try to dream of you
nights asleep i’ll try to dream of you
nights asleep i’ll

[verse 2]
under kaleidoscope meshes of fabric
bodies lifted and wilted and wound and back and forth
laughter cut the air
their hair twirled with the dresses
so far away
other images float and glisten among the spots of sunlight
behind closed eyelids morphing shapes of red and black and white legs apart and close again
concealing buildings
leaning to the air and midges twirling round a fading light
shadows cast of familiar faces
place thoughts of love among the thoughts of flying insects
s-x and meshed faces place thoughts of open door
quickly smile and get in
fingers curled and closing
one eye closed
one hand closed on another hand holding hair and neck
i missed you
quickly smile into neck running hands rubbing back
back and forwards
four times holding neck hair
folding down over cotton

breathing sighs
hands to hold, too hard holding
breath dragging
cause you must be cold
step inside
hands, thighs
i missed you thirty times over
(time holding back hands together)

thousand words
rhythm cracks on cotton hands
billowing sighs and turns thirsty
thirty times
overborne limbs and tear pillows
learning again to manage taking time
making marks on squinting eyes
closing distance
legs apart from the days dragging
between then soft pressed lips
parting time again and down meaning feeling
feelings pressing pressed lips mark closed eyes and down
thirty times over
turn around and soft pillow billowing cotton dragging hands
between legs apart
from the days apart and nights asleep
tears meaning apart again

- เนื้อเพลง 0171