เนื้อเพลง 0101010 – ​untitled track 02 | 02.14.2018



want to see something funny?
i’m going to show you who i am

[verse: 0101010]

skee bee
skee bee
boo bap
boo boo
your a p-ssy b-tch
hoes on my d-ck
yeah get off my sh-t
your a hoe

[verse: ???]

oouu ahhh
i am a monster
ahhhh oooohhh

[verse: princess bubblegum]

jake where’s finn

[verse: jake]

is he with flame princess???
back off bubblegum, that’s his mans biz

[verse: princess bubblegum]

is he with her or not???

[verse: jake]

you heartless monster, do you have any idea how much he cried over you?!?!?!? finn deserves to be happy, even if he’s blooping face gets burned off, you should be ashamed, your sick!!!

[verse: princess bubblegum]

what you?!?!?
this isn’t about some petty love triangle, flame princess is physically unstable, her elemental matrix can’t handle extreme romance clob, if finn tries to kiss her, she’ll burn so hot, she’ll melt right through the planet crust, down through the molten core, then she’ll be throwen back and forth by gravity until she burns out the world from the inside, why you think i have her father keep her locked up?!?!?!?

[verse: jake]


[verse: princess bubblegum]

will you take me to them?!?!?!?

[verse: finn]

are you ok???

[verse: flame princess]

i’m okay

[verse: princess bubblegum]

were safe for now, oh finn

-kissing sound by finn and flame princess-

[verse: jake]


[verse: princess bubblegum]

oh shut up

- เนื้อเพลง 0101010