เนื้อเพลง #003 lucci – laser tag


b~tch lets play laser tag cuz all these pipes got beams
we dont even gotta go no where we can do it inna middle of the street
last time yo homie played that boy got buried six feet
when the opps talk about the devil them n~ggas be talkin bout meh
throw a switch onna glock ian tryna aim sh~t
got good with the pipes fn got tits
turn this b~tch on auto i bet i won’t miss
nina say she in love come give her a kiss
we just bl!cked they homie i know that they p~ssed
yeah im cold with the pipe but im good with my fist
f~ck a big homie we running this b~tch
im ready to blow ian runnin from sh~t
12 years old got jumped inna gang
they handed me a pipe i was ready to bang
them n~ggas turned fu so f~ck what they claim
thats why ion f~ck wit these n~ggas today
kept slidin onna opps made em move they trap
ain’t make no money couldn’t move they pack
they ain’t have vest so they ass got patched
got 2 different guns i dont like to match
shout out my shorties them n~ggas get busy
they dont like to play they get down with glizzy
just bought a ak and she got some big titties
just threw out the pipe cuz that sh~t was too risky
in remember them days we was runnin from 12
we was kickin a door right next to my crib
ian wanna go home it was hot where i live
so i went out to play with the other lil kids
but f~ck that lil that sh~t inna past gotta lil older now i beat n~ggas ass
if 12 get behind me im doin the dash i hope i dont blink i think ima crash
ian worried bout the jakes im going too fast
like jimmy neutron n~gga i gotta blast
pop me a perc while im swervin through lanes
yall be onna net doin sh~t fa the fame
i gotta few shorties tryna make them name
tell em yo lo cuz i think you a stain
mama keep tellin me i gotta change
but i belong to the block im in love with the gang
b~tch let’s play laser tag

this beam gon make u scream

and i ain’t just talking

i’ll pop out the blue

like freddy i’m in yo dreams

these n~ggas be be b~tchin

these b~tches be stalking

taking pics of they screen

i’m the kxng of this b~tch

i run this shi

like this my lucid dream

got this glock to right

best believe ima tote

don’t kno which one

so i might just both it


rest up keep floatin

n i’m just like joker

just i ain’t joking

yo homie he dead

my n~ggas just smoked em

yo brother he next

we might just poke em

no time for the talking

i might just smoke ya

no witness protection

them n~ggas can’t cloak ya

- เนื้อเพลง 003 lucci