เนื้อเพลง 000 – 100


[chorus: revilatiun]
don’t hate on your man cause i’m in though (ay ay)
i wipe that b-tch like a window
she said she like a tiger i’ll bite you
you know that revilatiun don’t like you
broom in the b-tch like a bike do
getting high in the clouds like a kite do
walk up all on that b-tch like dyk- do

[verse 1: revilatiun]
today i just gave her a bracelet
f-cked a white b-tch ’cause she racist (ay)
fried chicken looking so tasteless
got me d-ck it’s stuck on her braces
that say my rap is so basic
don’t get crazy when i drop shit
randy orton with a drop kick
i be heavy in the mosh-pit
don’t be leaving when i clock in
clock in clock out, got my watch in washed
got her like macgregor knocked out
cooking noodles downtown
i be living downtown
b-tch you heard the wrong song
i be living north south, i be living north south

[verse 2: kbobb]
kb coming in fantastic
grab a girl just like elastic
se me going off like the nigga oj
i don’t wanna f-ck the same b-tch everyday okay
switch it up ko
see me play with the pussy like playdoh
not g-y thought i’m a f-ck your b-tch just say so
i cracked the screen like a window
i open her up like a window i skeet in her face make a limo
pressure on her b-ttons nintendo

[chorus: revilatiun]
don’t hate your man cause i’m in though
(ay ay)
i wipe that both like a window
diamonds they’re shining like tinfoil
got dots my jacket like bingo
ay, you know how i’m rocking in this b-tch revlife kb in this b-tch
i wipe that b-tch like a window

- เนื้อเพลง 000