เนื้อเพลง 0 hype – last night


[verse 1: 0 hype]
pardon my opinion, but i’m caught up in this business
yeah this part is for the women putting powder on they visage
brand new panties just to hit it, i remember when she did it
it impressed me i admit, i remember that sh-t vivid cause it

(put me in a trance, do her dance, she ain’t gotta ask
if i want it but she taunt it and she flaunt it
when we blowing all that)

put me in a trance, do her dance, she ain’t gotta ask
if i want it but she taunt it and she flaunt it
when we blowing all that gas
i ain’t touch it ‘less it’s ‘ponic
let’s be honest, aphrodite
i’m adonis
put this beat in my deposit
need some cash so i’ma p-wn it
i’m a sonic individual
p-ssionate with the sh-t i do
bad interview
didn’t know my name when she pulled me on stage
d-mn story true
made it my mission to
stay, see the vision through
4 u, made the interlude
to say what i wanted to
play with some autotune
and make it impossible to dodge when i call at you
when i’m calling you, when i’m calling you

[verse 2: kholor]
when i’m calling you, when i’m calling you
yeah, you always calling me but i don’t ever answer
think about the things that we would do if it was censored
said i got the body like i’m just another dancer
all i need’s a beat so we can make another banger
we can make another
what you gonna do 
if i was with another dude
hottest guy with the spice but i’m not here to be pursuing you
p-ssionate with my game i be spitting something you never knew
heavens due to the people they busy searching for revenue
i’m the centre of attention, i enter
all these n-gg-s who turn they be scoping like a tormentor
i’m a sentimental pessimist
cynical with my thoughts, but my vision you will remember it
my vision you gon’ remember it


[verse 3: 0 hype]
i took a trip to a place last night
tell me why all the sh-t that i skipped past by
no lie
i’ve been searching for a fix, that’s why at times
i start to miss, all of the sh-t behind
i’m an optimist clear of my own d-mn mind
and i’m dropping that quick when you phone my line
digits are a grown man’s fine
i ain’t talking dollar sign
you start calling, i start stalling but i won’t decline
and in all this it’s appalling that you still won’t try
no crime compares, but it’s fair without doubt
and i’m blaring it out, but i’m scared to be proud
and it limits me
scared of intimacy
god came to visit me
said that you been missing me, and told me to intervene
reminded him you’re sick of me, gave him a simile
something like a bird who return when the winter leave
didn’t want to stay and endure all the sh-t with me
i had a vision, seen all of my enemies
lined up in front of me
suddenly, noticed what become of me
coming clean
i have a dream and its running me
pushing me and tugging me
i put it down and bust the beat
i pick it up and run the streets are rushing me
plugging me
cutting deep
i must believe
that everything gon’ come to me, as long as i move honourably
honestly, talk to me and tell me if you wanna be
something more than nothing but i can’t agree
that i’ma give you any more than part of me
i’m partially
addicted and indifferent to your presence right on top of me
i’m possibly
the one that’s least affected when you calling me
when you calling me
why you calling me

why you calling me?

- เนื้อเพลง 0 hype