เนื้อเพลง 0 hype – 4 u (interlude)


i got a chance to be honest, but
i plead the fifth on this
don’t ask me, i’ve been
keeping my lips locked
my shirt tucked
my curls long on my head top
and i can’t tell where i went wrong, so
i’m stumbling over my own path
telling myself that it won’t last
weeks into months and they blow past
each one of us should’ve known that
we were too young for that slow dance
couldn’t keep up so we hold hands
woah d-mn

and i
think about those late nights
long drives on the southside
when we p-ssed by those stop signs
and i picked you up in my boy’s ride
‘fore i could drive, just to waste time
and you denied that you was mine
but you smiled bright when i replied, so
how can you say that we wasn’t a thing?
two years of this it was more than it seem, more than a fling
took you to breakfast now what could that mean?
catch you with him and then i start to swing
making it clear
make an excuse and that’s all that you bring
say you care, that’s what you sing
then it’s all different as soon as the phone ring
then it’s all different as soon as the phone ring
now you don’t wanna answer

- เนื้อเพลง 0 hype