เนื้อเพลง 0-1 – we still don’t give a fuck


[ronnie bumps]
alright…get your motherf-ckin guns up (throw them guns up)
f-ck that (and my motherf-ckin two)
this is hows it going down this is how it’s goin motherf-ckin big
we still don’t give a f-ck (you know)
for life (you know) for death (you know)

a knife will your frame or (i gotta gun)
what the f-ck you think the things for (shed blood)
man i keep it gang when i it’s time to give it
understand we run bank who colidin wit us?
i’m knee deep in the game, plannin the block in the rain
tell your mom dog ain’t sh-t gon change
the world don’t trust us, one wh0r- gutters
pov city hustlas, ya gun motherf-ckers

hit the gun away bumps man i got these n-ggas
tell caddillac to chill i’m about to rock these n-ggas
got your game sharp man cuz you watchin n-ggas
now i’m back on top, can’t stop me n-ggas
it’s hard like life, man dog i’m holdin the dice
i’m ain’t trying to poke your wife, man i’m gunnin for ice
when you see me on the streets pray for your life
it’s murder motherf-cker now your payin the price

yo, yo, yo
get it right cuz we ain’t the type for all the bullsh-t
n-gga front give him the full clip
i back down your whole strip, let off six
get low re-load quick stand up and fire again
never test merc you could be a foe or a friend
we don’t give a f-ck if it ain’t murder you can get it
ya n-gga young, doorag under the finit
and i’m labeled as a problem for all y’all n-ggas

[jody mack]
yo, yo, yo, yo
who y’all know who to come to when twenty three shoe slow
the gangsta mack i k!ll dudes fo-sho
i ain’t the game n-gga, i be poppin them thangs
at anyone of y’all n-ggas who think we locked in this game
ya motherf-ckers must be ready to die
f-ckin wit the murderous i
knowin that the murder was right
(so la la la) who wanna get at me n-gga
(who am i?) ten mack i clap you n-gga

yeah, yeah, yeah
it was bad enough that i live a thug life, sh-t
i had ta crush it up and throw it in bags and pitch
night in and night out, now i’m a clear it out
when i spit outta my mouth, n-ggas know what i’m about
it’s no lookin back, tryin to get out of time to stack
workin and puttin it in and waitin to get it back
bloods thick and when money comes that’s real phat
in tens and thin and a b-tch then look at that

who am i, 0-1 livin the time
befo the time i be pushin the five
so ya n-ggas better (get it riiiight)
or get it real f-cked up
20 or some odd shots flyin threw your truck
what the deal, wanna know how i feel right now?
ready to k!ll motherf-ckers and lay n-ggas down
f-ckin wit n-ggas that’s clown, f-ckin wit n-ggas that’s wild
be lost, can’t be found
be found somewhere drowned, motherf-ckers

[charli baltimore]
knock knock who is it?
the f-ckin esquisit
chuck spit for my b-tches on federal visits
with the weed that cop smugglin
baby daddies are not jugglin
cases, time faces
twenty five b-tch ride and b-tch lie
cuz real chicks do their bid to wit kids to
and that’s murda for real
b-tch thug me, hood n-ggas lovin me
gangsta -ss touchin me, chuck

[caddillac tah]
yo, yo
whenever ‘llac hotwire the ‘lac
n-ggas better get the fire and get the runnin
when the fifth spit gunnin, i’m leavin em numb and sh-t
now he can’t feel his legs, fifteen minutes away from death
let us pray
i’ve been cut, remied up
in the box, the porshe
on the eighteen they ain’t thugs but i keep em clean
and dope fiends, off the nine and a half board off they leanin
whoever think sh-t don’t stink i leave em stinkin
murder, murder, murder, murder, murder

[black child]
what, yeah, yeah, n-gga
and we don’t bang and ball
we burry the bubble and buy another one tommorow
die motherf-cker a head full of hollo’s
close your casket, them basterd in those apollo’s
wanna lock us up, stop our rush
pop the clutch, split a n-gga back like a dutch
that’s what’s up
n-gga, we still don’t give a f-ck {-echoes out-}

- เนื้อเพลง 0 1